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MP3 WAV Converter
MP3 WAV Converter
MP3 WAV Converter
MP3 WAV Converter
MP3 WAV Converter
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MP3 WAV Converter
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Anderson 21-Aug-2013 10:10:49 AM
"The program i was desperately looking for"
This program is easy to use, fast and theres no mp3 it cant convert to wave, what else do you want?? if this program has it ALL!, there was once mp3 my cd burner program wouldnt accept, i downloaded many other cd burner programs and patches but i never thought that the solution to my problem was to download the MP3 Converter .
Edward 07-May-2013 03:36:45 PM
"Convenience and quality!"
I must say that this is the single most convenient and stable encoder I have come across. Although I usually wouldn't consider paying for shareware, this was one time that I was glad to fork over my 19.95. The ease of converting is tough to beat, and the sound quality and normalization features so far have been simly excellent. good, simple, innovative product that simply does not crash. Congratulations to the authors on coming out with a reliable, easy to use product in this world of crash happy and user-unfriendly audio software.
music-man 06-Jan-2013 12:03:04 PM
"This Mofo works!"
I'd recommend this converter to anyone..the only drawback is that its a trial version. But i think its definately worth the money , This Program makes the best TOP QUALITY .wav's from .mp3's better than any other program put there... It just works :)
Victor 04-Aug-2012 08:36:45 PM
"download this now!"
i tried many demos and sharewares, freewares to find the best suitable wave converter and this one is the best i ever d/l, easy to use, no waste of time to set it up, ....guys, if u want The converter, get this one, u won't be desappointed at all!
Jackie 08-Jul-2012 11:32:32 AM
"This is great for first time users."
If you're only looking to convert your MP3's to WAV for burning onto discs, or if this is your first time using a converter, this is definately the best one to get. Its fast, its easy, and the quality is excellent.
mario 24-Aug-2011 01:46:40 AM
"Best Decoder I've tried yet!"
Comparing this with four of the other highest rated decoder's availabel, this one is not only easiest to use, but also the fastest, most reliable, and produces the best sound of them all.
louis 12-Jul-2010 08:56:36 PM
"An easy to use program with great results!!!"
I had tried a number of other programs, to convert my files, but they were terrible, and did many illegal things!!! Great program, worth downloading!!
MONICA 11-Jun-2008 11:46:37 PM
"The Best Conveter Around!"
I had problems with other converters but this is works fine! My website cannot take MP3 files for background music but it will take Wav files! Really helpful and reliable.
hyder 11-Aug-2007 07:26:38 PM
"This converter is the ideal mp3 to wav converter"
It is easy to use, it has several options, and it is just perfect if you need to create a cd in a hurry!
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